Founded by Jillian Edwards Coburn in 2014, Reel Housewives of The Deep South has earned it's name as not only a clothing line but a way of life for southern women with a love of the outdoors.


At Reel Housewives we create one of a kind apparel for those who love and live for the outdoors and all that mother nature has to offer. Our target market is those who fish, hunt or just appreciate the unique and rewarding life of living in the south. We have expanded beyond just providing apparel for women and have begun to develop some apparel for men and children. At Reel Housewives we actively and full heartedly support the men and women in the military and will be providing apparel and gear for them as well. Keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram to see what's new and the new gear we have to offer.


Meet the Owner


Hello, I am Jillian Coburn

I am a full-time mother of three children and founder of Reel Housewives of the Deep South. I started this company in order to provide apparel that appeals to the women of the south who love to hunt and fish. Being the founder of Reel Housewives of The Deep South also allows me to promote my family's love for the outdoors and gives me the opportunity too pass on the tradition of hunting and fishing to my children.

Hunting and fishing are both a hobby, but also a survival skill that we must embrace in an ethical way. I love that I am able to share my family's passion for the outdoors and open others to a different and rewarding way of life. Hunting and fishing together is a way of getting up, getting out and just be together in nature. My goal is to provide apparel to those who already love the outdoors and open others to the joy that hunting and fishing can provide. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about me and see the life of a Reel Housewive of The Deep South.