Atchafayla Basin-Atchafalya Swamp

Did you know Louisiana has the largest wetland in the United States?

Wikipedia states, "Located in south central Louisiana, It is a combination of wetlands and river delta area where the Atchafalaya River and the Gulf of Mexico converge." 

The Atchafayla Basin, "The Basin" as locals call it is a paradise for fishing, skiing, jet skiin, froggin, or just taking the boat out to enjoy the lovely scenery of different wildlife. 

My favorite thing to do, and unfortunately have not been able to is froggin.  I know rite now you are probably wondering what does one do when they frog....I shall explain.  First thing is first, you must have an aluminum boat so you can creep up on these massive frogs where than you have this pointing device which I call a, "gigger"!  So, yeah you go late at night and cruise the swamps trying to gig frogs which you than throw them in an ice-chest with ice so they fall into a slumber.  

I have a friend who has been my friend since I was fifteen.  We have had several challenges in our lives and still have stayed the way we were growing up. We never miss a beat.  Kathryn Thibodeaux, once the Kathryn McCormick daughter to Chris and Glenn McCormick.  Grew up on the northside of Lafayette. But, we attended high-school together.

Katy, that is what I call her.  She is almost 5'11 and has long gorgeous dark brown hair and these eyes that have you wondering,how did she get so lucky?! She and I share daughters that are the same age and are completely opposite and at the same time the two kindest young ladies you will ever meet.  My daughter and Katy share the same birthday also.  May 11 is their dob and spot on they are similar in so many ways. Katy and I also share boys and another girl that are the same age as my son.  Of course, she is catholic and is the god mother to my last but not least baby boy! Who we all love and adore.  Katy is my best friend and I would not trade her in for anyone.  Ironically, Mother's day passed and our husbands planned to take us to Basin on our boat. Well, let me correct that sentence, my boat that I am so clueless of operating.    They take us fishing on the basin.  We decided to take a ride down the levee looking at camps and enjoying the ride.  We road all the way down till we could not go anymore.  We dropped some lines and asked the guys if they could move the boat a midge.....the boat no longer was working.  While my husband and Katy's husband tried figuring out what was going on with the boat we fished and caught nothing.  It was fun but, could have been better.  The boat was definitely going no where.  Thank goodness Trent, Katy's husband was there cause my husband would have blown his fuse.  No paddle in the boat we use the nets to paddle us to shore to use someones dock to haul the broken boat home.  I did not get to see the sunset but laughed so hard I almost peed on myself. 

The basin did not surprise me.  The house we utilized allowed us to use their restroom and the wife was very pleasant.  We ended our interesting yet fairy-tale night at Pat's dining in at Katy's while all seven children reminded us why mothers day is not just one day its everyday. Since this adventure Katy and I traveled to my favorite spot in Grand Isle where she caught seven white trout. You will not find that in the basin.  Maybe an alligator or gar fish.  You will also be able to view the prettiest, oldest cypress tree and wildlife like you have never seen before.