Destin, Florida

“Longing to be near the ocean is like longing to being in the presence of a loved one”, -anonymous

  The Emerald Coast attracts thousands of southern and northern tourist from all over to visit and make memories of the beautiful white sand and cast their rods out to the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village.” What exactly is the Emerald Coast?  Well, to me it’s a five and half hour drive of hell with kids and family members traveling east bound to find paradise.  I was excited to visit my little piece of heaven and cast my luck into this area known as the “Panhandle”. 

Destin, is located in the western peninsula of Florida.  It is three hundred and thirty one miles…as the crow flies… away from Lafayette, Louisiana.  Every year my family celebrates the catholic tradition of preparation of Easter while we retreat to a house on the coast.  

This year’s trip could not come quick enough.  Since I was conceived by Robert and Frances Edwards I was destined to love the beach.  My family growing up would retreat to Shoreline townhome located in Destin Florida, to escape the city life of Opelousas, Louisiana.  My earliest memories of Destin, Florida are relived every year with my diverse family.  I knew this year would be difficult since my eldest invited three of her friends and my mother was expected to bring my brother, “Gaston”, her dog. This trip was “colorful”! An array of challenges, both bad and good.  We won’t focus on the negative ones because I am the author and I have to stay positive, simply because the south is a peaceful place!  

 Imagine 67 degrees, the sun soaring down on you and your closest ones, nestled for a great photo shoot of the mesmerizing colors of the water behind you.  Destin was founded in 1845 by Captain Leonard Destin who still has family living and working in this area.  Interesting fact as to why the beach sand is so white and squeaks while you walk on it. Sand particles that were deposited by the Appalachian river caused perfectly oval grains of soft sand.   How much better can it get than this? I retreat here so my children can experience the amazing sites the beach offers and try to cast their luck on the emerald water.  This year I caught a Sheephead and I cooked it with family.  Lemon, onions, seasoning, butter and a full Sheephead. C’est Bon, which means, that[G1]  is good in French.  Easter passes and we receive a call from the association that my moms dog could not be at the townhome so my husband had to leave that night to return my mother to Lafayette, Louisiana.  I tried to enjoy the remaining trip and I did.  My two youngest and I crabbed, fish and adventured to Fudpucker’s an eatery that does not have the best food but, the best entertainment a kid could ask for.  I took Matt my ten year old and my soon to be three year old before the storm touched Destin. They played games and were able to cast their luck to catch an alligator.  Which they did.  We ate and ran in the rain that was beating down on us to have an opportunity to hold a baby alligator.  It was fun and to be quite honest I enjoyed running in the rain and cherishing the small memories we were making. The following night Lonnie, my husband would come to my rescue.  Being married to someone you really love is different and unexplainable.  I am so thankful and grateful for him. Before his arrival I took the entire crew to a traditional eatery I love.  Its off Hwy 98 on the water.  You can catch an amazing view of the sun setting and their food is fresh and phenomenal. Marina Café is a great spot for family or a date.  The food is 5 stars and service even better.  You will not regret checking this spot out.  

Its 6:30 am and I am still awake because our two year old still sleeps with us and Lonnie my husband is the loudest riser in the morning.  I suffer with several herniation’s in my back and the pain was kicking that morning.  I will never be a morning person because I choose not to be one.  I love to sleep and my body appreciates me when I give it sleep.  I arise to begun the process of leaving my second home to return the long journey back home.  Once again, we didn’t find the right house for us but, I know the universe already knows what it is and it will take time to find the perfect home.  Maybe Destin, is not going to be the next location for us.  Three hours pass and the baby wakes up and its time to wake up the girls.  They didn’t clean the entire time and now was the time.  We pack everything up and hop into our vehicles.  We fill up and stop for breakfast before taking the toll back to the interstate.  

Destin is my second home and every year it surprises me with new sunsets and tranquil skylights.  Every time I have casted into the ocean it never disappoints me. This Easter taught me a lot and I am so glad I am able to understand and move on rather than ponder on the negative.  Lessons learned….never bring family and never allow your children to bring no more than one friend on a trip.  Oh, and make sure you make time to go fishing! I am still longing for my blue water and mesmerizing sunsets that await me in June and for the entire first part of July. How did I get so lucky?