Deep South

How did I get so lucky on Monday?  Well, let me tell y'all a story.  AJ,  my friend who has a secret book of all the boutiques in the "Deep South", once again flaked on me and didn't come on this colorful adventure. 

I left Lafayette, Louisiana around 10:30 am and arrived in San Destin, Florida around 4:30 pm.  The traffic was moving quite well.  I forget how long of a drive the beautiful emerald coast is from the dirty south.  The sun was still out, so my "flake replacement" friend, Genie, and I put on our swimsuits.  Spring Break has set in here in the South.  I could not take the wind but enjoyed the thirty minutes of the ocean and sun contributing to me.  How lucky am I?  Sometimes we just need to soak the energy of the tranquil earth.  No doubt I needed this vibe in my life.  Imagine aqua, crystal clear water and white sand.  Imagine the sun soaring down on your entire body with a nice temperature of 80 degrees with some wind.  I actually put on the heater when we got back to the room.  These are the small things you should be appreciative of in life. 

We left in the morning to head to Seaside Florida.  People refer to it as 30A.  It is really cute and it reminded me of the movie the Truman Show.  Everyone is on bikes and I was quite afraid I might run over someone in my SUV.  I could not find anywhere to park but finally the universe created a spot for me,  I arrive to Focus Lifestyle Boutique and greet the busy owner Mrs. Carletta Watkins. She was super sweet and I am hoping my Floridian friends have more access to our apparel. 

Seaside is an attraction and I bet money it is super quiet when the tourist leave.  Who wouldn't want to enjoy the blue water and white sand this city has to offer to you?  Bike riding to the beach with food trucks sounds like a killer idea.  It was very different from the experience I have had my entire life.  The shopping great and the food varies on each corner. 

All in all, even though short-lived, I had a fabulous time!

P.S., Forgot to mention that my freshly painted bay liner was on the fritz, so no boat trippin' this time.