Lake Travis, Texas

I arrive to Lafayette, Louisiana greeted by my sitter awaiting my arrival with my child at the airport.  She was excited to see me and the baby. I was smart this round and packed before my last trip.  The other kids were upset that I was leaving again but, this momma who has not taken a trip from her children in forever, was excited to be on Lake Travis for four days! Exhausted from flying, I hopped in my vehicle and headed east on I-10.

 I-10 is an interstate that runs east and west of several southern states.  In order for me to travel to Lake Travis I have to take this interstate.  It isn’t a bad drive and the landscape throughout the drive is fair.  I began to get frustrated and realized my plane should have dropped me to Houston so I didn’t need to drive an additional three hours. Lake Travis was created back in 1937.  Back before the Mansfield Dam was created the Colorado River ran through the Hill Country and Travis County.  Lake Travis was the result of the Mansfield Dam.  The lake spans at 63.5 miles, and is almost 19,000 acres in area.  The residential area has grown and continues to thrive for commercial and retail businesses.  Boaters, anglers, and water lovers alike will return just to take in the natural beauty of the perfect landscapes it provides. 

Arriving at 1:30 am I am greeted by mother nature’s beautiful animals.  There are rabbits and doe resting in the pastures and the lake seems to be at a great level.  Carissa Schoeling is a dear friend of mine.  I met her through my friend Lauren Naquin.  Carissa is fun and has an enormous heart.  We hit it off years ago and I enjoy every invite to the Lake House.  This is my retreat away from my domesticated life in Lafayette, La.  I am exhausted from traveling and wait up after showering with no screaming kids! How much better can it get than that?  Lauren arrives around 2am and they awaken me to talk outside.  The wind is blowing and the weather is fantastic.  The moon that night was showering over us as we stayed up till 4am chattering about our lives.  The small moments I cherish of my friendships.  This trip was quite different than others.  You see, Carissa is finally getting married! She invited twelve girls that would be arriving the next morning.  Trying to sleep in, Carissa wakes Lauren and I up to join her and her family upstairs for breakfast.  I don’t mind at all.  Mrs. Jill, Carissa’s mom is upstairs with a fabulous spread for us. Not only is our views flooded with passing boats and jet skiers the sun couldn’t have come at a better time.  After discussing the past Lauren and I head out into town to get some extra gifts for the party. 

On the way there we stop at a Tacos truck stop, Taqueria Rosita. It’s located on Texan Hill Country Trail 620.  This place has killer prices on tacos and their food is off the chain!  A tacos is only 1.75 and you can get yourself a Mexican coke.  Not only will you be stoked of the hilly, green scene the weather is on key.  My favorite part of Lake Travis is to drive up and down the hills enjoying the views of the lake and beautiful trees.  In Louisiana you do not see hills anywhere.

Lake Travis is always a fun place to retreat for vacation.  I am thrilled for this weekend to be back in Hill Country surrounded by the enchanting water.