Cypremort Point, Louisiana

February is always a difficult month for me.  2016 marks ten years since my father's death.  A decade has gone by and it seems like yesterday that I told him I loved him and hugged him.  He was an outstanding man, my father.  He was the one to teach me how to shoot my first duck and cast in my line.  Small memories that I cherish and hold on to so that I can try to replicate those memories with my own children. When you loose everything you gain so much. Boy, do I miss my crazy dad.  I realized the other day when I was working on a client, I began to laugh and start crying...those were tears of joy, the same tears my dad would bring to my eyes when we would joke around... cherish your parents if you still have them.  They will soon be gone and you will wish to have that unconditional love again.

"The Point", Cypremort Point, Louisiana, is the closest locality spot for Acadiana peeps.  A lot of anglers love fishing the gulf and this is the closest of locations for them.  I love the drive to Cypremort Point because it's close and you can shoot out rite to your spot and be home in time for dinner.  When spring time rolls around the Lafayette crowd will be nestled in their multi-million dollar camps with high-school friends enjoying their sportsman toys.  Every Friday, I recall hopping into a friend of mines jeep and jamming out to music while awaiting the weekend on jet-skis and drinking on the pier.  As I got older, I recall going to the Point during Mardi Gras and cutting up.  I did not do much fishing out here but, always heard of the guys talking about the reds and trout they were slamming back home.  

Again, February is a crazy month and this month even crazier with Mardi Gras.  On top of trying to cover up some sadness I still hold onto I am running the kids, prepping for balls and parades.  It was another day in the life of me...woke up, got kids to school, prayed, went to A.J.'s and was about to head to CoCo Ero's to check out their sale.  Erin Kyla Dolan, good friend of mine,from highschool, gave me the call that we could head out to the Point to cast our luck out on the water. I have been waiting to hang with my girl and to get on the water.

 Erin is a legit, "ANGLER", the type of girl you wanna take home to your mom.  She is super smart, beautiful, and all around sportsman girl.  I love hanging out with her and Katy Thibodeaux. If you see us three together you are sure to have a great time and laugh the entire time.   I rushed home and got my pole and headed to her house.  I got to Erin's house; we shot the shit and she loaded up her truck and we were out.  We stopped by her sisters who lives on the Vermilion. It was fun to see livestock in a home in Lafayette.  Her sister's home is super cool.. lots of land on the Vermilion River. Erin and I laughed and were checking out hoof marks on the ground to scout out any hog we may find.  We jetted out and headed toward the DMV where she swore there would be no one in this tiny town.  We jumped out the Tahoe and by quit some surprised the entire building was packed.   I walk in rite behind and she says, "Hey, lets sit outside", I am like ok.... and turn around,thinking there is no seating area outside...We head back to the truck laughing and head out to the Point.  We go the back way thru Abbeville and hop on 90 to jump rite off to Cypremort Point.  Once you exit its maybe a twenty minute ride of great scenery.    We catch up about our lives and what not and by surprise we didn't realize we both had lost our fathers one year apart from one another.  It is such a small world and I am so blessed with the best friends any girl could ask for.  She, Erin, just gets me.  It's difficult to understand a woman or a girl who has lost her father.  It is not the same.  A girl who still physically has her father is different from a girl whose father is dead.  

We arrive to the beach.  Not a single person is on the beach.  Erin and I are thrilled to have this entire area to our personal usage.  We paid 5 bucks a piece to enter and we had an entire front of brackish water.  Erin just purchased a new rod and she was excited to try it out.  Her pole is perfect and light weight for a woman.  I really liked it and want one really badly! I do not promote fishing apparel but, check out Shimano Metanium.  We tried our luck for several hours and nothing was biting. We went around toward the back where you actually can rent the cabins out for 110 a night and you have a personal area to fish.  We tried our luck but, nothing was biting.  It was around 4:20 pm when we shot out and took a spin down the Point.  You see, Cypremort Point has one grocery  and the other day when I went it was closed.  All the homes are owned by out of townees who spend their down time on the water casting their luck on the water on their time off. 

 If you to get away from reality this is where you go.  I am so fortunate to cast my luck with a true friend.  It was great to replace memories of the area with new ones.  What else is possible? If you are ever near the Lafayette area and can not think of an area to inshore or offshore fish try casting your luck at Cypremort Point. I love you Erin and I am truly blessed to have you in my life.  Keep smiling, fishing, and most importantly living like today was the last one.